Saturday, February 16, 2008

Joint Management Body in Vista Komanwel

Based on Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 , any building for accommodation purpose with certificate of fitness for occupation must have a Joint Management Body(developer and purchasers). For buildings which are completed before 12 April 2007, e.g. Vista Komanwel, the due date is 12 April 2008. This piece of information is confirmed by Faber Facilities, facilities manager of Vista Komanwel and Enforcement Division of
Ministry of Housing and Local Government
. So owners of Vista Komanwel, step forward and participate in your community. For tenants in Vista Komanwel, please inform your landlords.

Readers, if you find the body is important to residents of Vista Komanwel, please inform everyone you know at Vista Komanwel.

P.S. I also understand that strata titles for Vista Komanwel will be issued this year(2008). If the titles are not issued, owners of Vista Komanwel can complaint to Enforcement Division of Ministry of Housing and Local Government. See Strata Titles (Amendment) Act 2007


vyncen said...

i would like to make a complain according to the management team in vista komanwel b and the security guard here. who should i approach to ?

Mr. Vista Komanwel said...

Try these steps

1. First talk to officer in management office nicely

2. If this is not working, talk to JMB's President and any committee members

3. Last resort - Ministry of Housing